Administrator Level

Hai everyone!

This time I would like to share the notes on Administrator Level.

Before sharing the tutorial, please take a look on the diagram below:


As you can see, we can direct the admins to different manage pages according to their admin levels. For example:
Admin Level 1: manage.php
Admin Level 2: manage2.php
Admin Level 3: manage3.php

So how to do so?

  1. Since the manage page layout are similar for all level of the admins, so we can just use the shortcut. Hehe
    Open manage.php > Save as manage2.php > Save as again as manage3.php


    So now we have three different manage pages for three different level of admins.

  2. Open admin_login.php > Double click on ‘Log In User’ Server Behavior.
  3. Reconfigure the settings as below:


  4. Open manage.php > Double click on ‘Restrict Access to Page’ Server Behavior.
  5. Reconfigure the settings as below:


  6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 for manage2.php with re-configuring the settings as below:


  7. For manage3.php, we do not need to reconfigure the settings for the server behavior of ‘Restrict Access to Page’.
  8. This is how the manage pages for Admin Level 1, Admin Level 2 and Admin Level 3 look like:

It is very easy right? So give it a try!
Good luck! 🙂



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